Sam’s visit to Nailsworth

It was a pleasure to welcome Sam and his family to Nailsworth for the game against Swindon recently.  Sam is from Bergamo, which is near Milan.  Sam writes;

Bergamo is a beautiful medieval city and I love skiing on our mountains.
Why does FGR appeal me? Good question!

I must confess I am a very recent friend of your team and to be honest it was randomly, decided by fate…
I love football since I was kid and, of course, British is one of the most fascinating. This summer, for our holidays, with my family, I visited England for two weeks and I was determined to try to watch an English football match “live” during our trip. Our travel table was full of places to visit and car transfers, so I took calendars from Premier League to League Two to find a match we could be able to attend. Luckily, I realized that when we would have been in the Cotswolds, a little team would play at home just that day. Then, I sought information about FGR and when I found out how your club in special, particularly regard to sustainability and environmental care (matters I believe so important for future generations), I thought maybe it was no accident meet FGR! Therefore, I bought four tickets for the match FGR-Swindon Town so my wife, our two daughters and I were there, in Nailsworth, at The New Lawn on 15 th August, even if it was so hard finding a place to leave our car ? (see photo where you can see me with my little girls)!
I know probably you’re thinking we didn’t bring luck to you, given that suffered defeat, but for me it was a wonderful experience and I loved the real English stadium atmosphere! Then, at the end of our holidays, once at home, I took the opportunity to join your Supporter Club as I can keep in touch with your world and receive updates and info about the season in progress (otherwise not easy from here). I like to follow small football realities and I prefer “minor leagues” then top level football: I think they are “truer” and with more passion; indeed I’ve been supporter for 15 year of AlbinoLeffe, a not very important club from Bergamo province and not famous as Atalanta… Now they have a brand new stadium, where I often attend matches, and play in the Italian third league (Serie C).