In our latest article in the build up to FGR Women’s new season which starts on 04 September with an away trip to Liskeard, we speak to two FGR fans – Rachel and her daughter Martha. Rachel and Marth travel home and away with the men’s team and last season started to watch FGR Women, becoming regulars at their matches. We took the chance to ask them about their experience of following FGR Women and about the season ahead.

You attended your first FGR Women match last season – how did you find it?

Martha – Good. I loved watching the ladies play and keep going back now.

Rachel – Really good! We had been wanting to watch most of the season but commitments with our son playing football Sundays too, made it difficult. Luckily for us he played at Chalford so I often got to stand between both pitches and try and watch both games! We managed to get to the last 4 or so matches fully and it was great.

What’s your favourite thing about following FGR Women?

M – Everything!!!

R – Watching the standard of football get better and better as the season went on, was really brilliant to see! The players and coaching staff have been so welcoming to our family, really letting Martha get involved, has made us feel like we are on the journey with them and made us feel a part of the team. Martha has built up some incredible relationships with a few of the ladies, in particular Charlie who has gone out of her way to make us all feel welcome.

Do you have a favourite player?

M – yes!!! Charlie Rowlands. I love her she’s my bestie.

R – There are a few new players we don’t know so well (yet) but those we do know from last season are all amazing! They are incredible role models on and off the pitch. Feno, Hattie, Sam, Rosie, Holly, Becca have all been absolute diamonds, but Charlie always seems to go that extra mile. She’s incredibly caring and thoughtful and has very quickly become a firm favourite within our family! We hope over time we get to know everyone.

FGR striker Charlie Rowlands presented Martha with a signed shirt at the end of last season.

FGR Women have moved to Hartpury this season and you’ve been to pre-season games there – what do you make of the new surroundings?

M – I like Hartpury. It has proper dug outs. Neil let me sit on the sub bench with Charlie, Sam and Feno.

R – I think Hartpury has been a really good move for the team. Chalford didn’t really have the facilities needed, whereas the 4g pitch is brilliant. And the team know it well as it’s where they train.

You’ve watched most of the pre-season fixtures – how do you think we are shaping up for the new season?

M – They lost a few games but they are still the best team!

R – pre-season brought some extremely tough games, with a few of the opponents being quite a bit higher up in the football pyramid. Combine that with players missing for holidays, surgery etc and a lot of new players coming in, especially some very young talented girls, meant not too many wins but a lot of experience gained and minutes played. Hopefully has set them up for the new season to begin. I have high hopes for a great season and we hope to follow home and away as much as we possibly can!

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to an FGR Women game this season?

M – Do it! You will love it.

R – I would say def come along and give them a watch. The girls are looking for promotion and the support would be very much appreciated!

Martha with FGR Women who took the time to pose with fans after their final home fixture last season.

Want to watch FGR Women? Their season starts on 04.09.22 and home fixtures are played at Hartpury. You can find their full fixture list here.