Dane Vince, FGR’s Head of Commercial Operations, has explained the dilemma faced by the Club as it tries to work with present Covid rules and an eventual return to normality, whenever that is permitted.  Until the Club can confidently resume normal stadium capacity, issuing season tickets for people’s preferred seats (as it wants to do) is a real headache.  The club hopes the situation will be resolved before long and has asked fans to be as patient as possible.  He told us:

“When the government announced the COVID rule changes that would take effect on Monday 19th of July, what they didn’t confirm is any actual detail on what/how these changes would impact stadiums. On the face of it, removing all the COVID rules would mean stadiums going back to “normal full capacity”, but the reality is very different and unclear. For example: we still don’t know if face masks will be required inside the stadium, inside communal areas or even in the stands. As a club we would have loved to have full capacity for both pre-seasons and we did wait as long as we could.

 We took the decision to launch 21/22 Season Tickets under the current COVID guidelines, so that we could be confident that everyone who booked in would be able to use their seat and we could revert back to “normal” as soon as we were able too. As most Season Tickets are for seating but only have a single seated stand, we aren’t able to just spread people around different stands; which is why our COVID capacity hits us harder than most clubs.

The current hope/aspiration is that we will be able to revert to “normal seating plan’ before the 1st league game, and get all Season Ticket holders back into their original seats from 19/20.”

Dane asks that all fans be as patient as possible.  Preferred seating will be made available for all just as soon as the Club is able to do so.

FGR’s Dane Vince.