Justin & Christoph – supporting FGR from Germany.

FGR Supporters Club has International Members in around 20 countries, season on season.  One of the biggest groups is in Germany.
Last season, a party of 4 came over for a holiday and came to our final home game of the season versus Oxford United.  The Supporters Club greeted them and gave them a tour of the stadium.  We’ll gloss over the result.  They were all very welcome and enjoyed their time in the Cotswolds
Two of their number, Justin Voss and his friend Christoph (who are supporters of Werder Bremen in the German Bundesliga) met up in Berlin recently.  As the picture shows, although they played tennis, they were impeccably attired in the FGR kit they purchased on their visit.
Using their connections at Werder Bremen, Justin has invited the Supporters Club to send representatives to their fixture at home to SC Freiburg on the last weekend of January 2024.  We’re trying to put something together, hopefully using the least damaging forms of transport.