Ahead of FGR Women’s away match with Bournemouth in the Womens FA Cup we caught up with a player who knows a thing or two about a cup run having won multiple FA Futsal Cups in her career.

FGR Women’s midfield maestro Louise ‘Feno’ Fensome is a favourite amongst FGR supporters, known for her ability to control the tempo and dictate play from midfield. Louise plays an important role with FGR in what is her second spell with the club, having previously helped the Rovers to promotion.

You play in midfield and became known amongst fans for your ability to turn defence to attack and unpick the opposition with a trademark sliding pass, but you have also scored a few goals in your career – which gives you the best feeling – scoring a goal or creating an assist?

That is a really hard question to answer, I feel as much as I love creating an assist there isn’t another feeling that can compare to scoring a goal!

Speaking of goals – you’ve scored some great goals in the past including against West Ham who play in the WSL and a goal as you won the Gloucestershire FA Women’s Trophy – do you have a favourite goal?

It is hard to think about a favourite goal in my time but I would have to say probably scoring goals whilst I had my short stint playing out in America, they celebrate every goal like you’ve won the world cup.

As well as playing eleven-a-side you also play Futsal and have multiple Women’s FA Futsal Cup titles, appearing regularly on TV – do you feel Futsal has helped you develop as a player?

Futsal has 100% made me a better player, technically and tactically! It is so much fun!

The new season has started and FGR have made a good start, how do you feel about how things are going?

Yes, feeling very positive about the season. We have a good group of girls who work hard on and off the pitch and together we have direction in how we can approach each game as it comes.

You played for FGR in the past before moving up the pyramid and playing a large number of games with Cheltenham prior to coming back to the green devils – what is so special about FGR that made you return?

I loved my time at FGR previously and I feel FGR womens have been able to redevelop as a club in recent years and are on the way up again. I want to be a part of that and help develop the club as much as I can, whether that it on the pitch or off the pitch.

I’m not sure if you realised as players, but a lot of other teams were quite forthcoming with their praise for FGR Women last season with quite a lot of people commenting on you being the best footballing / technical side in the league – is that a strength you are aware of and try to play to?

I also did have a few managers last season approach me at the end of our games saying how good technically we were as a team. It is definitely a strength we hold as a team and keeping possession is what we like to do when we can!

Last season it was really great to see the number of fans growing week on week – do you have any advice for the younger supporters who might dream of playing for FGR Women one day?

For the young ones – if you love football keep playing and don’t let anyone get in your way. Practise hard and always do lots of kick ups at the end of training to help you technically!

Want to follow FGR Women? The side play matches on Sunday’s at 2pm – keep an eye out for our match previews and FGR Women’s social media accounts for details.