You were looking at a picture of Cincinnati, named after the famous Roman, Cincinnatus, and home to one of the most popular MLS clubs FC Cincinnati. Soccer/football has become very popular there.
Also popular are Forest Green Rover’s values.  One of the largest solar panel farms in North America is being built there. Electric cars are seen everywhere (mainly Teslas).  Vegan places are popping up all over the town.   It’s all a far cry from the old “porkopolus” days.  In the 1900s Cincinnati had the most meat packing and slaughter houses per capita in all of America.  Most have folded or moved nowadays.
George Clooney grew up and lives in Cincinnati now.  His family household is a museum.  Neil Armstrong, famous astronaut, was born there. The first commercial passenger airport was built there.  Cincinnati is nicknamed as the Queen city of the west, as it was the main hub in the 1800s for anyone that wanted to venture westward.  The underground railroad museum is there.  Cincinnati was a main thoroughfare for those seeking freedom from the oppressive southern states.

Many other well-known faces have come from Cincinnati.  Doris Day, Jerry Springer (also a former mayor of the city), and Steven Spielberg, to name just a few.  Cincinnati is on the Ohio River, just north of the border with Kentucky and a little to the east of Indiana.

Why are we talking about Cincinnati?  Well, Rovers fans may be interested in another Cincinnati resident – Graham Klein.  Graham says he’s a husband and father, construction consultant, modder, artist, hard worker, loves sports, video games, and Big Brother live feeds.

And Graham is also an FGR fan and an FGR Supporters Club member – the green-dyed hair and the computer screens are a giveaway!  Graham put together the Chris Stokes factoid that featured in the Supporters Club June newsletter and it is Graham who has been telling us about Cincinnati as his home town.

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And in case you’re wondering about the headline and haven’t heard of The National – this must be the best song with Ohio in its title!