Niko Rachev and his girlfriend Teodora with their FGR programmes and badges.

Niko Rachev and his Father have one of the biggest collections of football souvenirs in Bulgaria (and probably in the world as a whole) – more than 10, 000 items from all over the world.  Their football museum (part of which is pictured below) is in the city of Ruse, on the banks of the Danube, in the North East of the country. 

Niko’s Father began collecting football memorabilia more than 50 years ago and they now have a real football museum.  Latest addition, for example, is a football shirt donated by the Vatican Swiss Guard football team.  FGR Supporters Club donated a couple of match programmes and a couple of Supporters Club badges to the collection.  Niko and his girlfriend Teodora started to follow FGR in 2016 after one of FGR’s matches was shown on Bulgarian TV and they liked FGR’s eco-friendly messages. Niko and Teodora are hoping to come to a FGR match before the end of the season. The Football Museum’s Facebook page is