Martin was playing FIFA one day and got involved in a match with Forest Green in the FA Cup. He did a little research, then contacted his vegan friend, Rene. They decided to organise a trip to Nailsworth in 2018 (a 2-1 loss against Colchester!) and, shortly after that, the Allgau FGR Supporters Club was born.

So, where is the Allgau? It’s in the very south of Germany, and is part of Bavaria. It’s a couple of hours from Munich and is next door to Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein – right by the Alps. The castle of Neuschwanstein (pictured above) is probably the most popular tourist attraction in the area.

Rene is the club President. Martin is the club Secretary. The club now has 18 members from all over Germany and over 400 followers on social media and is growing. Club members have been to numerous FGR matches, both home and away. The club organises its own quarterly meetings, Christmas parties and awaydays.

Martin (the club secretary) is on the left and Rene (the club president) is on the right. A visit to see FGR at Macclesfield.
Some of the club’s members.

You can contact the group at

Two of the club members will be waving the big flags at the start of the Walsall game. We hope that you enjoy your day at The New Lawn – wir hoffen sie geniessen ihren tag im New Lawn!