Proceeds raised from the Rovers Raffle at the Macclesfield match on the 29th December were given to the Silkmens Supporters Trust. The raffle raised an unusually large figure of almost £1250! The Trust will use the money to boost their hardship fund which has been set up to help with loans to the staff and players of Macclesfield Town FC who have been having difficulties caused by late payments of salaries.

Members of the Silkmen’s Supporters Trust joined FGR Supporters Club members in the Gym Bar after the match and expressed their profound thanks for the generosity of FGR fans and their appreciation of the gesture from the FGR football community.

Here below are just a couple of the messages from members of the Silkmen Supporters Trust.

That’s fantastic. Something staggeringly cheerful in a bleak time for MTFC

Words cannot express our heartfelt thanks for your amazing act of kindness for our beloved club. This will NEVER be forgotten, and I can assure you that everyone associated with FGR will receive the very warmest of welcomes when you visit the Moss Rose. May I take this opportunity to wish everyone associated with your club a fantastic new year, and you will most definitely be on my wish list for getting promoted come the end of the season

FGR Supporters Club members pictured with Rob Wilson (Secretary) and Andy Worth (Chair) of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (Rob & Andy are in the centre of the photo)

A small selection of some of the many responses from FGR Supporters Club members to the idea of supporting Macclesfield in this way are set out below;

Good idea, you have my support. One day, we might be in trouble and it would be nice to think others may come to our aid, particularly as supporters seem to be at the wrong end of so many club management decisions.  

Many thanks for all the supporters club does. I think it is a great idea to use the raffle proceeds to help the SSC. Their difficulties remind us that it is not easy to run a football club and how lucky we are to have Dale as our Chairman/owner.

Very pleased that you will offer the proceeds of the raffle to SSC.Seasons greetings to you and our FGR.  Not so long ago we were in pretty dire straits ourselves, so it seems great that we show some support for Macclesfield. 

I’m all for your idea to help them.Great idea – full support from me! 

Great idea you should do it

Yes we have been following Macclesfield plight on the news which is very sad.  We would very much welcome this kind gesture to donate the raffle proceeds to the SSC. Great idea.  Regards & merry Christmas!

I wholeheartedly support the idea An excellent proposal, and will certainly purchase raffle tickets, on the 29th. to help support Macclesfield town – and hope others will too.

 Seems a good gesture especially at this time of year to help their supporters club. As we know at least 50 clubs in the EFL are in a fragile situation including FGR due to the disproportionate way that money is distributed.

 I fully support this idea and any Christmas spirit that can be shared with other clubs.I’ll cast my vote FOR the idea.

FORGreat ideaDef support this.

Fab idea. The boot could do easily be on the other foot. Sounds a good idea – I shall double my purchase of lottery tickets ! 

A nice gesture from my point of view . When you look at our situation compared to that of Bury and now Macclesfield, we are currently in a far better place.  

At times of hardship and, unfortunately, tragedy I’m proud to be part of the ‘football family’ . If this goes some small way to helping out then it gets my vote.  Cheers and Merry Christmas