HerGameToo was founded in May 2021.  It is a voluntary organisation run by female football fans who are committed to growing the campaign with the aim of fostering an ethos in football in which woman are welcomed and respected equally.

The organisation fights to stop sexism in football (and in other sports).  If you want to find out more about the organisation, check out their website hergametoo.co.uk/football

Forest Green have recently appointed a new HerGameToo ambassador, Debbie Stopford.  The Supporters Club met with Debbie last month and we are pleased to have formed an informal partnership with Debbie and the organisation.

HerGameToo aims to call out comments we may all have heard – ‘you know nothing about football – you’re a woman’, ‘do you even know the offside rule?’, ‘you know a lot about football for a girl’, ‘you can’t really comment – it’s a mans game’, ‘he’s playing like a girl’.  The organisation wants women and girls of all ages to feel confident and safe sharing their opinion about football both online and in real life without fear of sexist abuse.

Debbie appointed as FGR ambassador for HerGameToo

These are some of Debbie’s first words since her appointment as HGT Ambassador at FGR;

“I am really proud and excited to join this ever growing team.  We are now partnered with over 60 of the 92 league clubs.  My love of football grew from a very young age with my dad taking me to games at the old stadium.  Forest Green are a great progressive club and have been fully cooperative with the campaign.  This is just the beginning.  Football is a game for all.”

HerGameToo can be found on twitter and instagram using the @HerGameToo handle as well as on Facebook at HerGameToo .

Look out for Debbie, the new HGT ambassador at FGR.