King’s Stanley Primary ambassador Poppy watched the Newport home game from a different perspective, joining her dad, the sports editor of the Western Daily Press, in the press box. Here is what she thought:

I have been to quite a few FGR games, sitting in the main stand, standing behind the goal, even going to the cup tie at Bournemouth, but the Newport game was different – I would be sat with my dad in the press box.

At reception, we had to pick up our tickets and a special pass to wear, and we made our way through the stand and out into the seats.

There were a lot of different people there – newspaper reporters, people writing for websites, radio reporters, even people recording all the stats.
The press box was full and quite noisy, with the radio men pouring out team news and updates, and other reporters chatting with each other so they all got the details right.

Newport scored early on, and the goal took a lot of the reporters by surprise. There was no danger when goalkeeper Joe Wollacott came out of his box with the ball, but he took too long, got tackled, and Amond smashed the ball into the open goal.

Later in the first half, Wollacott came out of his box again, brought down Abrahams, and got an instant red card. The FGR fans were really annoyed at the referee, but everyone in the press box just kept typing or talking.
As the second half went on the Newport radio reporter got more and more excited, but FGR kept on battling for a goal with ten men.

Joseph Mills came so close to scoring with a brilliant free-kick, but it bounced off the post and away. The fans couldn’t believe it – and even some of the reporters joined in too.

Right at the end, Matt Mills went off injured, so FGR were down to nine men, and Haynes took advantage to score a second goal for Newport.

When the game finished, some of the reporters left quickly, but others waited for an interview with someone from FGR. It took a long time, but eventually the goalkeeping coach came out to speak about the game.

So an unlucky game for FGR, but interesting to see the different reporters working. I think I’d like to be a radio reporter, I like talking a lot!

Poppy, Year 3, King’s Stanley Primary