Every year the Brian Fream Trophy (named in memory of a former Supporters Club Chair) is awarded to the supporter who has contributed something special, either during that year or over a number of years.

The 2020 award was announced as Paul Pettifer but, because of the pandemic, the usual presentation wasn’t possible.  The 2021 award goes to Neil Munro and, again, the usual presentation couldn’t happen.  So here are the 2020 and 2021 winners having received their trophies in a socially distanced manner!

Paul Pettifer has been involved in a number of roles supporter both the club and the Supporters Club over the years.  He will be known to many fans for his organisation of away coaches (back in the days when we could travel to away matches!).  But Paul has been busy helping in many other ways – assisting the ground staff at The innocent New Lawn Stadium in pitch maintenance, looking after the flags and keeping the terraces clean, to name a few.

Neil Munro has been the Supporters Club Board Secretary,  its Membership Secretary and the Board ‘conscience’, reminding us of what we need to do.  Neil has been doing this for a little longer than anyone can remember.  During lockdown Neil embarked on providing a series of detailed, interesting and sometimes challenging emails to SC members.  These were sent out every week at one point and, judging by feedback, were invaluable in enabling people to keep contact – the lockdown e-mails, as they were dubbed, became something many looked forward to.  Just recently Neil relinquished his roles as Membership Secretary and his writing of the monthly e-mails (though we are pleased he will continue as Board Secretary).

Our thanks and congratulations to both Paul and Neil on their awards.